We understand that you want just as much money as you can get out of each and every comic. Whether it is just one, or a whole collection. We spend a lot of time finding the right market for each and every type of comic, so that when you are ready, we have the buyers waiting for your comics.

Here are a few examples of what the process is for buying a collection.

CONTACT: The first thing is that we contact each other. We can give you a general idea of the process, and a good estimate of what your collection is going to be worth. Remember, each and every collection is interesting to us. So we will never turn you away. That's what makes different, we buy everything. Too many companies just won't deal with you if you don't have what they want. That's why is different.

AGREEMENT: It is important to us that we both come to an agreement of what to expect for this purchase. It is important that we both have an understanding that it could be lower than the estimate, or in most cases, much higher. We stress the importance of agreement and that we both our operating under the same ideals. An important thing to remember is that just because someone thinks something is worth a lot, doesn't necessarily mean that it is. The value for a brand new Ford Explorer is much different for the same vehicle, with broken windows and deep scratches. always uses Comic Industry grading standards, and Fair Market Valuation reports to determine the value of your comics.

SHIPMENT: At this point in the process, we have spoken on the phone together, and agreed upon the collection. We would require the collection to be shipped to our 5000 Square foot warehouse in Taylor, Michigan. Shipping is a very easy process. 95% of the time, a freight truck will come to your house or work, and accept the shipment. 5% of the time, you might have to take the comics to a shipping terminal near you. However, a small shipment can be handled by UPS, or the USPS. Shipment fees are paid by, unless you have decided to have sell the collection for you. In that case, the shipment fee is deducted from your first revenue check.

COMIC CHECK IN: At this point, we have received the comics. We have checked the comics in, and have analyzed what the comics are worth. We then contact you and share this information. We base the check in on our estimate, and adjust the value respectively.

PAYMENT: Now we have received the comics safely, and figured out the best value for you. We would then of course, put that cash in your hand. We submit payments via Corporate Check, or Bank Wire, whichever you prefer.


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